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Why Do We Have Acceptable Use Policy Agreements?

This week, we will be sending home an Acceptable Use Policy Agreement (AUP) for you to read with your child, and for you both to sign. The AUPs become more complex as the children move through the school, so that they enter KS2 reading a document which looks quite 'wordy'. This may, at first, seem unnecessarily complicated, but the idea is to educate children not only about their responsibilities when using technology, but about the lengthy nature of the terms and conditions set by many of the sites they may visit. Most of us have been guilty of clicking on the 'I have read and understand the terms and conditions' button on a website without actually reading them in depth. We want to prepare children for their future, by letting them experience similar documents and instilling a need to read and understand them fully. We use simpler AUPs with younger children in order for them to understand from the start that they have a responsibility to themselves, their friends and the school, to use technology safely. This forms a fundamental part of our internet safety programme which starts in EYFS and continues throughout school.

We would be grateful if you could take the time to read through the agreement with your child, explaining parts which they do not understand, and we would ask that you both then sign it before returning to school. This is particularly important as we develop our contingency plans for any further remote learning.

Thank you for your continued support.


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