The Governors and staff of Amberley Parochial School see every child as unique and value highly the skills, talents and interests each of them bring to the school. We are very proud of them and of the progress they make in so many ways during their time here.

Some aspects of their progress are clearly measurable – the essential skills and knowledge associated with reading, writing and mathematics, for example. Assessing where children are in their learning is an essential and integral part of the teaching and learning cycle and the teachers build a clear picture of all the children as the year progresses.

Each year, our Year Six children, along with all other Year Six children in England, are also formally assessed as follows:

1. Tests in Reading; Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG) and Mathematics

2. Teacher Assessment in Writing.
These results are then published nationally. Our performance data is provided below. 

Performance data


Performance data

2016 - 2017

Performance data

2017 - 2018

Performance data

2018 - 2019

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