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Learning Powers

At Amberley Parochial Primary we firmly believe that all children and adults have the power to learn. We need to be taught how to learn effectively if we are to do so.  Learning power refers to the collection of psychological traits and skills that enable a person to engage effectively with a variety of learning challenges. At Amberley we want to build a culture that cultivates the habits and attitudes that enable our children to become better learners; face difficulty and uncertainty calmly, confidently and creatively. As a team, we have used the research of Guy Claxton and Shirley Clarke to inform the development of our own Learning Power characters, who embody the traits and skills of effective learners.

Each character was introduced during a special Learning Power assembly at the start of the year, that told a story about how they overcame difficulties by using the characteristics associated with his learning power.   The children are encouraged to acknowledge which learning powers they have used in order to progress and improve in their work. 

Meet the Learning Characters who have the power to...
Keep on Improving
Never Give Up
Be Curious
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