At Amberley Parochial Church of England Voluntary Aided School we seek to create personalised, inclusive learning experiences which develop potential and help to create confident, well-rounded and motivated children who are guided by strong Christian values.

We recognise and value our historic church foundation, and seek to both preserve and develop our religious character.

We aim to:

  1. Develop confidence and self-respect in all children

  2. Encourage enquiring, creative minds

  3. Meet the needs of all pupils, enabling them to develop potential in all areas of learning

  4. Help children to live together within our community, displaying tolerance and sensitivity

  5. Provide children with an education which helps to develop an appreciation of values and cultures in the wider world

  6. Develop in children a sense of moral responsibility and self-discipline

  7. Develop in children spiritual awareness

In order to achieve our aims, we will:

  1. Place the needs of the children at the centre of our decision making processes

  2. Work in partnership with parents, governors, local community, church, Diocese and our Local Authority

  3. Provide a safe, secure learning environment in which children and adults feel they belong

  4. Provide a broad, balanced and fully enriched curriculum

  5. Make clear our high expectations of all learners

  6. Ensure learning opportunities are purposeful, challenging and exciting and which help to develop skills across the entire curriculum

  7. Promote physical development and an understanding of healthy life styles

  8. Enable children to take risks and celebrate their success

Our school vision is founded in Biblical teachings and we use the Parable of the Sower to unite our school community in its understanding of what we hope to achieve.

Local artist, Sam Adams, worked with children from across the school to create this beautiful art work for our hall. 

Should you wish for a paper copy of information from our website, please contact the office.

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