The main role of the PTA is to raise money and develop social links which enrich the lives of the children that come into the Amberley family.

There are a number of events that we organise throughout the school year, the main ones being the Christmas Tree decorating party, the Cow Hunt and the Summer Event. These are important events in the school calendar and are always lots of fun to be involved in.

The PTA also help towards the added extras at school. We help provide many of the enriching elements that your children use, see or do everyday during their time at Amberley. These include the Christmas panto performance and lunch, contributions towards class trips and classroom budgets. 


As a Voluntary Aided Church school, the school is required to contribute 10% of the cost of a project for which we request funding from the Diocese. These projects are largely for maintaining the school building and grounds. Recent projects have included the outdoor shelter in the Dexter outdoor classroom, the refurbishment of the classrooms, the upgrade of the central heating and electric systems, the development of the office and entrance areas and the gates limiting access to the sides of the school. The money contributed must come from a charitable organisation, which includes the PTA. By donating funds raised by the PTA, the school is effectively able to turn each £1 donated into £10 towards costs. If the school were to use its own budget to fund such projects, it would have to pay the full amount itself. 


The PTA changes every year and we only allow a two year stint in order to give everyone an opportunity to get involved.

Our current Chair is Robin King.

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