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Prayer Station Day

Thursday 11th March 2021 and Friday 12th March 2021 Prayer Station Day

Across the school, classes took part in 'Prayer Station Day' on Thursday and Friday of last week. They learnt about the Easter Story and focused on the value of compassion, as well as taking time to reflect - something which we feel is of huge importance at a time of such uncertainty. Below are details of some of the activities the children completed, as well as quotes from the valuable discussions that took place in Hereford Class.

Station 1: Compassion Cross

At Easter, Jesus died on the Cross and in doing so, took away our sins (things we have done wrong). This was act of compassion by God, for the human race. It allowed us to ask for God's forgiveness and be forgiven. On a heart, the children wrote a prayer or message to show we are thinking of others in our lives or in our community. We were showing love and compassion to others.

“I could write a prayer for those suffering from the Coronavirus.”

“My mum went to the dentist and she was in a lot of pain so she missed out on all of the fun. I would pray to ask God to help her.”

“When Maya fell off her bike, I wrote her a card to help her feel better.”

Station 2: Pray for the world

We thought about the wider world and all the people across the globe in places where there are wars, sickness, and people escaping from danger, hunger, dirty water. There are so many people who are less fortunate than us. We wrote a message or a prayer on a post-it-note and we stuck it to our map, on the country where the problem is.

Station 3: Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter. When Jesus entered Jerusalem, people put palm leaves on the ground and shouted, ‘Hosanna in the Highest’. Shouting ‘Hosanna’ is a bit like us shouting ‘Hooray’.

When do you feel like shouting Hooray? What makes you really happy?

What makes you smile? In this activity, the children drew a picture and wrote a caption to show something that makes them really happy and that they are thankful to God for.

“My mum makes me smile.” “Hugs make me happy.”

“My baby cousin in Indonesia.” “Kind words.”

“When we returned to school.” “When I can go back to football.”

Station 4: Be The Light Be the Light: From darkness comes the light. Jesus is the light of the world.”

Sometimes in our lives, we can have bad days and we rely on those around us to help us feel better by ‘shining their light’. Sometimes we need to be that light in order to make others feel better. We thought about what we could do to make someone feel better when they are having a ‘dark day’ or when they are feeling sad. We used scratch cards to show how we shine our light on people when they are feeling sad.

“We could make a card.”

“I could give my mum a hug.”

“I would give them a present.”

“I would listen.”

Station 5: Untie the knot

Sometimes we have worries and our stomachs are in ‘knots’. We thought about things that might worry us.

“Covid worries me that it might never go away.”

“I was worried about coming back to school.”

“I worry about monsters in my bedroom.”

We tied a knot in a piece of rope and held it tightly. We thought about our worry disappearing and that God would help us with this. We then untied the knot so show that worries can disappear.

Station 6 and Station 7: Be Still & Bubble Prayers

We laid on our backs and thought about the ‘WOW’ things in our lives.

Sometimes we worry about ourselves, others and things around us. We took a handle full of bubbles and thought about a worry we have as blew the worries away.

Station 8: An act of compassion

The Bible says that when Jesus died on the cross, he “washed away our sins.” This act of compassion helped all of mankind to be closer to God and gave us the opportunity to repent our sins and be forgiven. The children used chalks to write or draw things that they knew they had done wrong on the playground. They then used some water to gently wash away the pictures, saying sorry as our sins were washed away.

Station 9: Kindness postcards

Elderly people in care homes sometimes feel lonely because they miss their family and friends. We decided that we would brighten someone’s day by drawing a picture and writing an encouraging message on a postcard to send it to a local nursing home in our area.


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