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Collective Worship

Collective Worship in our school is invitational, inspirational and inclusive.

​Our daily Christian based collective worships foster the school community's spiritual development and builds on children's experiences in RE lessons. Daily acts of worship take place in the church, as a whole school or as a class. The Worship team from Year 5 and 6  take responsibility for planning, leading and the evaluation of worship in order to offer their own meaningful contributions. They make suggestions for further discussion or reflection throughout the week and encourage younger children to play an active role.    

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Pupils and staff in our school will come from different backgrounds of faith and no faith, and will naturally be at different stages of their spiritual journey. Opportunity is given, during worship and spirituality sessions, to think, ask questions and reflect. Collective worship at Amberley provides the opportunity to engage whilst allowing the freedom of those of different faiths and those who profess no religious faith to be present and to engage with integrity.

Collective worship at Amberley is designed to be formational, transformational and inspirational, leading pupils to become courageous advocates of causes and encouraging them to think searchingly about their faith, beliefs and/or philosophical convictions.

The school’s values, deeply rooted in the biblical parable of The Sower, are promoted through collective worship as children are encouraged to consider what they need to love, to grow and to succeed, and to spread God's love so that others might do the same. Consideration is given to the potential impact that can be had on ourselves, our community and our wider world. 

At the end of each term, children are given the opportunity to reflect on the impact that worship has had, as they complete reflection journals. 

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Every Friday we hold a special celebration worship, which celebrates children’s successes; children can be nominated to receive the Values award for demonstrating one of the school Christian values or to receive a Gold Book certificate for demonstrating one of the school’s learning powers.

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