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What Parents Need to Know about Cross-Platform Sharing of Inappropriate Content

Creepy characters, dangerous online challenges, songs or videos that aren’t suitable for youngsters - When things like these begin trending online, it can be difficult to prevent children accidently stumbling across them, especially if they use a range of platforms, like online games, social media, streaming sites or messaging apps. A trend can originate in one online space and rapidly spread to other platforms or via chat apps. Recent characters that first emerged as part of a game on Steam, have led to parody songs on TikTok, videos on YouTube and more than 45,000 results for associated hashtags on Instagram.

In the guide, you'll find tips on a number of potential risks such as accidental exposure, inappropriate language and unsuitable videos.

Download PDF • 2.68MB

Don't forget, we are now a certified school with National Online Safety and as a result are able to offer free training to parents and carers. To access a wealth of easily accessible short courses and explanation videos, please follow the link below, add your details and ensure that you tick the box to say that you are a parent.


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