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This week in Hereford Class

We welcome Jake into Hereford Class! Jake has settled in excellently into Amberley and already feels like part of the Amberley Family. The Hereford children have shown such kindness and compassion towards Jake and he has had a fantastic first week with us.

This week in English, we are excited to be innovating the story of 'Avocado Baby'. We are changing our characters and problems, which we are very excited about. Mo is particularly excited about the return of Evil Pea (so is Mr Beech!)

We move onto a new topic of 'money' in Maths. Year 2 will be recognising coins, recording amounts using £ and p as well as combining amounts to make totals. Year 1 are going to be recognising coins and calculating totals. We will then introduce notes once we are secure with the coins. Great practise at home would be to empty coins and allow children to find the total, or give children a total for them to make.

In the Immersion Curriculum, we are continuing with our History topic of The Great Fire of London. We have already been historians, asking lots of questions about the past and finding out the answers from a range of sources. This week we will look at how the fire was put out and look at artefacts to support our learning.

In RE we have looked at our new value of forgiveness and thought about the feelings of the crowd, Jesus and Zacchaeus. The children were amazing with their written work. Now, we will study Judaism and look at their practices, continually comparing this to Christianity.


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