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This Week In Hereford Class

This week in Hereford Class, we have a very busy week! We are starting our class Nativity. Children will be receiving their parts and we will start to learn the songs. Children will come home with scripts so please encourage your children to learn their lines (if they have any). Year 2 children are being given the main parts, with some Year 1 children, who want to, having lines also.

We also have our school trip to 'We The Curious' in Bristol. We will be exploring the centre as well as having a workshop to support our Science learning of 'Humans.' In our Immersion Curriculum (overview attached) we will be studying our new topic of Science, Humans. We will be looking at the body and naming the body parts, making links with our PSHE and the 5 body parts associated with the senses. We will then look at the lifecycle of a human and identify and name the 7 stages: foetus, baby, toddler, child, teenager, adult and elderly adult.

In English we are continuing with our Non-Chronological Report journey where we are writing our conclusion to our reports and then writing one independently, using what we have been taught.

In Maths we move onto subtraction (Year 2), and whilst year 1 will start subtraction soon, we are practising counting in 10s, to help us with our rapid recall challenge.

In RE, we continue to look at faith communities. We will be looking at the different faiths in more detail. We will be looking at the different symbols and identifying the faith that they belong to, recognising that loving others is important in lots of communities. We will give examples of ways in which people express their identity and belonging within these faith communities. A reminder: Parents' evening is this week, on Wednesday and Thursday so please ensure you have signed up for a slot if you haven't already done so.

Humans Overview
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