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This week in Hereford Class

This week we are beginning a new topic in the Immersion curriculum where we are looking at forces. We will be identifying pushes and pulls and recognising that a force

is a push or pull acting on an object as a result of the object's interaction with another object. We will discuss that forces can make objects stop or start moving. We will be working scientifically a lot within this science topic and look forward to presenting our findings on the BLOG at the end of the two weeks. Last week we launched our new RE topic of 'What do Christians believe God is like?' We will continue to explore this by looking at what Christians do to show their belief in God and how Christians follow Jesus' messages.

In computing we are researching about one of the 7 continents and will be exploring our own questions.

In English we continue with Newspaper report writing and within maths, we are learning to tell the time. Y2 are learning 15 minute intervals to begin with and are moving onto 5 minute intervals. Y1 need to know o'clock and half past so any practise at home would be really valuable.


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