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This week in Friesian Class

This week in Friesian Class we will be starting our new RE unit: 'How do festivals and family life show what matter to Jewish people?' by discussing what we think is worth celebrating. We will be learning about the Jewish celebration of Shabbat and the way in which they celebrate this. In English, we will be starting to write our own non-chronological reports bit by bit. First writing the introduction, then writing the paragraphs and then finishing with the summary. In maths, we will be using column addition. Y3's will be adding 2-digit numbers to 3-digit numbers and Y4's will be re-capping their knowledge of column addition from last year and building on their skills to add two 4-digit numbers together. In Immersion Curriculum, we are historians and we will be studying WWII. We will be using our knowledge of chronology to place historical events on a timeline using dates, as well as completing a historical enquiry using primary sources to investigate what it was like for child evacuees during WWII. On Wednesday, we will be testing the Anderson Shelters that the children have been asked to make at home following their research. We are very excited as on Monday we will be having a visitor (Mr Powell from UNICEF) to lead an assembly on WWII.

As always, spelling homework that includes practice of the new spelling rule being taught in class will be handed out on Monday. This needs to be completed and handed back in on Friday.

Frequently, children are misplacing their jumpers in Friesian Class. Please can I ask that all of your child's clothing is clearly labelled so we can identify whose is whose.

Reading books are changed every Monday and Thursday, unless stated otherwise. Please continue to read with your children to increase fluency and note this in their reading record.

Many thanks,

Miss Rudge


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