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This week in Friesian Class

This week in Friesian Class we are continuing our English writing journey by comprehending and writing the parts to an adventure story. In maths, we are starting a new unit of fractions and using concrete resources to visualise. In RE, we are continuing our look into the Christian Holy Week and retelling the story of Good Friday. We will be answering the question: ‘Why do Christians call the day Jesus died Good Friday?’. In Immersion Curriculum this week, we are historians! Historians ask questions and find things out. We are travelling back in time, in the Friesian Time Machine, around 5000 years to the year 3100BC, the year of the Ancient Egyptians! We will be investigating where the Ancient Egyptians fit in our timeline of history and learning about their daily lives this week. We had great fun during our launch dancing to ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’.


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