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This week in Friesian Class

This week, we will be starting a unit on Islam in RE and will be finding out how festivals and worship show what matters to a Muslim. We will be asking questions, and making connections between different world faiths which we have studied.

In English, we will be beginning to write our own versions of Romeo and Juliet. Last week, it was fantastic to see so many children taken with the story. We really enjoyed seeing it acted out!

In maths, we will be looking at equivalent fractions and will be working towards using our knowledge of multiplication and division to simplify them. We will also have the rapid recall challenge this week.

In our immersion work, we will be looking more closely at the features of a river at different stages of its course and will be discussing the affects of human settlement on rivers - a very timely topic with all the local flooding.

In computing, we will be adding the finishing touches to the posters we have been making to advertise various social enterprises in the area. We look forward to seeing them up!

On Monday 9th March, we would like to to invite you to come and view the art work which Friesian class created during our work on collage. We will be selling their pictures, and offering refreshments in order to raise money to fund Waunifor Primary School, Kenya, in stocking their library. To read more about the school, please visit our website charity page.


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