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This week in Friesian class

Welcome back! This week we will be focusing on our termly value of forgiveness in our RE lesson and will be asking 'big questions' about life and the world around us.

In English, we will be delving into tragedies as we begin a writing unit based on Romeo and Juliet, using a novel version written for children as our starting point.

In maths, we will be starting the week with a Gecko group problem solving challenge, before beginning work on fractions. In our immersion work, we will be learning more about rivers, which will follow on beautifully from the end of last term, where we started looking at the larger rivers in Europe. We will be learning about the water cycle and the different physical features of a river, as well as thinking about how rivers influence the human geography of an area. In computing, we will be finishing off our posters which promote community action projects in the Stroud Valleys.

Please look out for up coming details of our art exhibition, where you will have a chance to admire the children's work, enjoy a slice of cake and help to raise money for Waunifor Primary School's library book fund.


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