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This week in Friesian Class

This week in Friesian class, we will be saying our final farewells to Ethel, who is soon to move! We have had great fun getting to know her and using the experience to further our writing skills across a range of genres. This week we will be continuing our writing journey by writing thank you letters to her.

In maths, we will be plotting coordinates on line graphs and learning about the need for accuracy when reading and interpreting such data.

In design technology with Miss Holden, we will be continuing with our sewing work and will be learning another stitch.

Swimming will take place as usual on Thursday.

On Friday, we will be trying to determine errors in lines of code as we debug the computer programs we have been making using Kodu. If you haven't already been shown this at home, it is well worth a look, as the program is free to download and offers simple tutorials for many of the aspects of game building. It has been a great hit in class and we have had a lot of fun developing our own 'worlds'.


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