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This week in Friesian Class

This week in Friesian class, we are innovating and writing our own versions of the Greek myth of Apollo and Chimera. The children have had great fun creating their own monsters and thinking of imaginative ways for him to be overcome! In maths, we are focusing on money and have started using decimal notation whilst adding and subtracting, as well as converting between pounds and pence.

In our art work, we have been looking at the works of famous artists, such as Rembrandt, Picasso, Turner and Munch, and using visual language to describe them, as well as learning about different painting techniques. We have focused in on watercolour and have had great fun trying out new techniques in preparation for art work which we hope to submit to the Diocese art competition later in the year.

In computing, we will be developing our secretarial skills by typing blog entries about last week's science experiments, and adding images which we have cropped.

If you have not yet returned your permission slip for next week's trip to FGR, please could you do so as soon as possible.


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