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This week in Dexter Class

This week in Dexter class, we will be looking at problem solving in our maths work. The children will solve logic problems as well as addition and subtraction problems, where they will apply their knowledge of counting on and back on a number line, to add and takeaway. We will also be introducing some dice games.

In phonics, each group will be revising the high frequency and tricky words that they have learned and will be focusing individually on the ones they find hard to recall for reading and spelling.

On Tuesday and Wednesday morning, the children will be going into Hereford class as part of their transition work, in preparation for year 1. They will spend time with their new classmates and with Miss Holden and Mrs Norris, before coming back to Dexter class to tell us all about it!

Throughout the week, we will be talking about keeping safe when using computers, smartphones and other connected devices. This may seem early, but it is important that children are aware of how to keep safe on line from an early age, so that it becomes ingrained in their use of their internet.


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