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This week in Dexter class

We are looking at the work of David McKee this week and his famous character Elmer, a kind and thoughtful elephant who isn't afraid to be different.We are using audio versions as well as Big Books and standard books to encourage children to listen and look at the story in a variety of ways. The stories of Elmer's adventures lend themselves to all sorts of activities including phonics, maths and creative learning. Today we completed a collaborative collage of Elmer using felt and we will also look at mixing colours, 2D shapes and different techniques for creating patterns. We will also be discussing being different, and how we can be kind and helpful which links to our value of service.

We will also be starting preparations for the Nativity and starting to practice our songs.

Please do remember the Christmas Tree Decorating Party next week on Friday 6th December 5.30-8pm. Sign up to help if you can or just come and join the fun. It is always a lovely way to start the festivities and has become a real Amberley tradition.


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