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This week in Dexter class

This week our Dexter children start with us full time. Be prepared for some sleepy children, although they do seem to have lots of energy and are fantastic eaters at lunch time! This is great as they have plenty of fuel on board to get them though until home time. As well as their adult-led learning the children will have a lot of time to play and explore during 'Learning Power time'. They will also have regular brain breaks, a spot of yoga and time to unwind with stories or a guided meditation when needed.

In Maths this week we are continuing comparing, sorting and today we have been on a hunt for natural objects. We collected all sorts of different things to including moss, seeds, leaves and twigs. We returned to the classroom and looked at different ways of sorting them. Be sure to look on Tapestry so that you can see what we have been up to. We are comparing amounts introducing vocabulary such as quantity, more, less and fewer and continuing to dig deeper when discussing attributes and characteristics of a set.

Our Literacy, language and Communication work will continue to look at self-regulation and how we can look after ourselves and our wellbeing. We are continuing to look at the Zones of Regulation and have been looking at different emotions and how these can be put into four different zones. We will be doing some work to help us understand these feelings and how we can 'self-regulate' or get help with bringing ourselves out of a red or yellow zone.

In Phonics we are continuing with the Phase 2 sounds g, o, c and k this week and the children are quickly building up the sounds that they know. AS well as the individual sounds we are encouraging them to blend these sounds into words by reading and today we looked at words like d-i-g dig, t-a-g tag, g-a-p gap etc. Please do spend time with your children looking at their reading books and praising their efforts. We listened to a few children today and they are really working on those blending skills in the classroom. They will love it if they can show off to a parent or big brother or sister I'm sure!

Just a quick reminder that our Phonics evening is next week, Wednesday 4th October. Parent feedback in the past has said that it is so valuable in understanding how you can help your children become fluent readers.

In RE we will be discussing God’s generosity through the harvest We will talk about Harvest and ask children the meaning of harvest (farmers harvesting produce and the religious festival of thanksgiving for the harvest) . They will use their senses to experience different fruit/veg (common and unusual) eg. sight (potatoes of different shapes, carrots, sweetcorn, onion), smell (fennel), touch (beetroot, squash) and express their ideas, knowledge and feelings about the natural world in general and Harvest in particular. They will make some creatures using fruit and veg and explore using conkers and potatoes to roll down tubes, guttering and into various containers.

We will also draw comparisons between Christian Harvest festival and Jewish Sukkot.


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