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This week in Dexter Class

Wow! It's week 5 already and we are really enjoying seeing how well Dexter Class is settling in to life at Amberley. They are making friends, learning how to value themselves and each other, and starting to show pride in their environment and their learning. They have been supported in this through the use of our first two Learning Powers, 'cooperation' and 'never giving up' and our Value of perserverence.

This week in Phonics we are focusing on the sounds, i,n,m and d and reviewing s,a,t and p. The children have now learnt enough sounds that they are starting to segment and blend, and many of them are writing little notes which they are leaving for us to find.

We are continuing our look into the work of Oliver Jeffers, encouraging children to draw information from the fantastic illustrations and make predictions about what they think might happen next. This week we are looking at Up and Down, a story about the boy and his penguin who wants to fly. The other book is Stuck, a funny tale about a boy who gets his kite stuck up in a tree and the extremes he goes to to try and get it down!

Our problem solving skills have been put to the test with a series of challenges including making treasure maps, building dens and trying to stop it all blowing away in the wind and rain. In maths we are learning about one more and one less, looking at number stories/sentences (number bonds) for the numbers 1-5. We are looking at all the different ways we represent a number using shapes, numicon, cubes, dice, numerals, Numberblocks, words and so much more.

Please do remember to take a look at the books that your child brings home, you may be surprised about just how much they can infer from a simple picture book. A short comment in their reading record will help us to support them in their learning and will ensure we change books when they are ready.

So all of this, plus lots of continuous play where the children take control of their learning by making decisions about what they would like to do including art, woodwork and even putting on their own shows! Happy days indeed in Dexter class.


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