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This Week in Belted Galloway Class

Welcome back to year 6 parents and pupils, and a warm welcome to the incoming year 5, who join us for what is set to be an industrious, productive and exciting term! The children are already excited about our upcoming residential trip, of which a range of further details will be making its way to you soon, and they are excited about the new roles, responsibilities and challenges that they will face this year, which is wonderful to see.

This week we will be getting the children into the routine of Belted Galloway class, and developing their understanding of the fundamental ethos of learning as they grow up: being organised and being engaged. We will be spending time looking at the kind of books the children like and justifying their views. English will revolve around descriptive narrative, with specific focus on setting. This will build over the next few weeks as we look at narrative structures. Our immersion curriculum work this week will be art focussed, where we will be mark making and exploring the effect of this.


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