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This week in Belted Galloway class

Hello and welcome to our first full week in October: how on earth has that happened?! In English this week, we will be applying our persuasive writing skills by using the techniques that President Obama used in his speeches. The children will have the chance to try these out both verbally and in writing. This will also be an ideal opportunity for the children to develop their extended punctuation skills as a number of complicated grammatical features were used that require colons and semi-colons to effectively punctuate. In maths we will be moving onto the operation of multiplication, focusing on mental work with multiplying by powers of 10, and moving into the written methods of calculation. This week will also be a club maths week, so will be a chance for the children to chase a personal best score! We will be exploring the country of Iceland in the afternoons this week, focusing on the physical geography as well as finding patterns and making geographic inferences. We also welcome Domonic White into class this week to share some work on environmental concerns, echoing the recent documentary with David Attenborough, and the children will be spending time reflecting on what they have discussed and considering ways to pass on the message.


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