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This Week in Belted Galloway Class

This week we will be continuing our Geography topic on mind-blowing maps. Using OS maps, the children will develop their understanding of keys, scale, direction and grid referencing, with some children extending this to looking at 6 figure grid references. We will be planning routes using the OS maps, and paying particular attention to contour lines. In English, we will be beginning our new genre of discussion texts: the children will be looking at discursive texts about the effects of homework, and will be exploring the structure and layout of this text type. On Tuesday, we will be taking part in the STEM K'NEX challenge, where the children will be designing and building structures in pairs, with the winners going on to take part in the county finals. We will also be hosting an engineer from Renishaw who will be discussing her job. We will also be hosting local magistrate on Thursday who will be talking to us about her role in the justice system. This will act a s an introduction for the year 6 pupils to their entry into this year's Mock Trials competition, happening later in the term.


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