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This week in Belted Galloway class

This week is a busy one in Belted Galloway (doesn't it seem like they all are?!). Mr Beech and a number of our class will be attending the Young Voices concert in Birmingham on Tuesday, while a small groups of BGs will be representing the school as part of the football team in the Riddiford Shield on Friday. We will be launched our Geography topic of work on Mind-Blowing Maps this week, and we will be looking at keys, directions, global mapping features and different map types,including comparing the topological map of the London underground with OS maps. To commemorate the week, Mr Beech will be wearing a particularly horrific shirt in the design of a map...

In maths, the children will further develop their grasp of fractions, looking at mixed numbers and improper fractions in particular, while in English they will be writing their own versions of a flashback story inspired by our work on The Piano.


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