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This Week in Belted Galloway class

This week in Belted Galloway class we will be completing our science study about classifying and grouping living things. The children will be presenting their power points on their studied animal group, and we will be learning lots of facts about the less familiar 'phylum' of annelids, crustaceans and molluscs. The children will then be combining their maths and science skills by sorting animals using Venn, Carroll and sorting diagrams based on observable features. In English, we will be concluding our topic on non-chronological reports, with the children choosing a topic to write about, with many opting for topics linked to our recent science or history topics. Mathematically, we will be moving on to the wonderful world of prime numbers, where we will be identifying and using the primes in a number of activities. We will also be debuting a new multiples game that many parents will be familiar with a version of as an old drinking game: our version is called Super Fizz Buzz. Finally, it's been a wet few weeks and many children are changing into their PE trainers at the start of the day while their shoes dry. This is absolutely fine, but a spare pair of socks in their PE kit bag to change into will hopefully stop them from needing to dry their socks on the class radiator and creating an interesting class aroma!

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