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Art Competition Winner

At the beginning of the year, Gloucester Diocese invited our family of church schools to take part in an RE and Art competition. Entries were welcomed that reflected the theme of ‘Spiritual Moments’ and could include work on any of the major world faiths. It could also link with the diocesan understanding of spirituality, reflecting those ‘golden glue’ moments when the ‘ows’, ‘wows’ and ‘nows’ of life crack through everyday normality.

Despite the challenges to school life brought about by COVID-19, they received over 170 entries from across the diocese. The quality of the artwork, along with the thoughtful explanations of ‘spiritual moments’, apparently made it a very hard competition to judge. This didn't surprise us, as there were many beautiful and thoughtful entries from Amberley alone. In the end, the work was placed into eight different categories: Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish spirituality and the ‘ows’, ‘wows’ and ‘nows’ of life, with a winner being selected in each category.

Huge Congratulations to Alice, in Year 4, who has won The Language of Spirituality: ‘Ows’ Category

Her piece was entitled 'Reflection' and as part of her submission, she explained the spirituality portrayed in her art work.

Alice said, “I chose a little girl on a swing. She is looking at the beautiful view. She is thinking about how lucky she is and how she has so much that others don’t. She feels lucky, but sad at the same time, for people who don’t have much. We all need to take time and think about things like this, because everyone is always rushing about.”


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