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This week in Hereford Class

This week we will be as quiet as mice whilst we help the Y6 children tackle their SATS. We wish them lots of luck.

We are continuing with our maths unit on measures. We have had several separate lessons on weight, length and height and capacity. We have been looking at the different units of measurement, comparing items and reading scales. This week we will be applying our knowledge of these areas but having challenges containing them all!

In English we are starting a new unit on story. We will be linking this to one of Pie Corbett's spine books, innovating it (we haven't chosen which one yet!). We will begin this unit on Tuesday after Y2 have completed a peer mark on their non-chron reports and Y1 learn about prepositions and adverbs.

We are continuing with our RE unit of 'What good news Jesus brings' where we will be looking at how Jesus teaches Christians to be sorry and forgive. Children will be reflecting on their own lives and times that they have been sorry and had to ask for forgiveness.

We are excited to continue with our computing topic where we are researchers. We have asked lots of questions about India, which we are comparing to Amberley in Geography and we will be researching these questions to find answers on the internet.

Only two weeks of term left - the weeks really are flying by!

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