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This week in Hereford Class

This week in Hereford Class we will be showing what we know by completing a few quizzes. Y1 will continue with their topic of time where they will telling the time (1/2 past and o'clock) whilst Y2 prepare for special quizzes, which I will inform parents of during parents' evening.

Rev.John kindly came into school today whereby he discussed the Holy Week and how Christians celebrate Easter, including why. It is so amazing that Rev.John can share his expertise with the children but also, that the children can tell him all that they have learned in our topic.

Children will continue to perform in Music where they will be playing on the glockenspiels to 'row, row, row your boat.'

We will continue to be game testers in Computing where we make predictions and test out these predictions on different games within Scratch.

I look forward to sharing all the progress children have made with you on Wednesday and Thursday evening.

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