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Extreme Survival

Friesian Class were visited by Mr Payne (James’ dad), who works as a Commander in The Royal Navy. He gave a fantastic talk explaining all about his experiences of the navy and surviving in difficult conditions.

First he tested us on our geography, showing us all the places that the navy are based in order to support British dependencies. This support includes things like, helping to rebuild houses after devastation from weather.

Then we moved onto types of submarine, ships and aircrafts. The children were very keen to find out all about how everything worked and where you could find all of these things.

We then moved onto his time spent on HMS Sutherland and he told us some fantastic stories about the things he had experienced. He then taught us some survival skills to use if we were to get into trouble at sea.

It was a fantastic talk, where the children got to see and hear all about extreme conditions. They were very enthusiastic and had hundreds of questions, which Mr Payne did well to answer.

We are very grateful to Mr Payne for giving up his time to come and see us!

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