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This week in Hereford

A late blog post due to a very busy but exciting week! The children were absolutely fantastic during the nativity. They performed with confidence, ease and made me so, so proud!

We have been really busy with Christmas preparations whilst finishing off our science unit of materials. Children designed a case for an egg, which had to protect the egg when throwing it from a height. Congratulations to Lillian, Freya and Sophie whose egg did not crack until it was thrown from a real distance. Well done girls - the suitability of your box was fantastic.

The children moved onto designing some trousers for the Giant in 'The smartest giant in town'. They had to look at the materials they were given and decide if it was suitable for some trousers or not.

Children really enjoyed the pantomime - a huge thanks to the PTA - it was so lovely to see the children joining in! Oh yes it was!

Thank you so much to our Amberley families for your support at this incredibly busy time of year!

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