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This week in Hereford Class

What a busy week ahead. Today we had our very first outdoor learning session with Mr Jones where we used tools to practise skills. Y2 were really great in helping the Y1 use the new equipment whilst staying safe. We have finished our English topic of non-chronological reports and will shortly move onto story.

In maths Y1 are learning to count in 2s - some children have started this unit on an application activity as they have already proved their understanding in our rapid recall challenge! Y2 are adding 2, 2 digit numbers where the ones do not bridge 10, yet! They are using a method where they partition the second number and then add on the ones and then the tens.

In RE we have started our new unit of 'Why is Christmas important to Christians?' Children have looked at the different parts of the Christmas story and drawn pictures for each of them, along with sentences. We were wowed with some of the detail that the children included.

This week is an enrichment week where we will be looking at WWI and remembering those who fought for our country. We will be looking at the reason for the poppy, what life was like for children as well as having an understanding of the countries involved. This will include art, geographical and history skills. Parents' evening is Wednesday and Thursday - please sign up for a slot, if you haven't already done so.

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