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This week in Dexter Class

This week the children will be in full time and we are looking forward to starting our phonics and maths teaching. We will be focusing on the sounds s,a,t,p and i in phonics and the children will learn to blend these together to read words such as as, sat and pin, as well as taking part in different activities to reinforce their understanding. They will be bringing home a sheet to go alongside each sound that they learn, so that they can further practice their letter formation.

In maths, we will be looking at the characters of 'Ten Town' and learning how to correctly form the numerals to 10. Each of the characters represents a number and the story that accompanies it helps the children to develop number recognition and counting skills.

We will also be mapping and retelling the story of Elmer the elephant by David McKee, as well as using the children's interests to develop the skills they need. The children have all taken to the idea of learning powers and have already been heard explaining what powers they are using during their own play!

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