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This Week in Friesian Class

Wow, what fantastic weather we are having this week! It was perfect for our trip to meet our pen pals, if a little hot! The trip went extremely well and the children really enjoyed chatting with their pen pals.

On Monday, we started a new writing unit on journey tales, based on our class book 'Bill's New Frock'. So far, we have looked at the structure of the story and substituted new characters. We have also written character descriptions for our new character. Tomorrow (Wednesday), some visitors are coming to watch our English lesson from another school. It will be a good opportunity for the children to show off their amazing writing! In maths, we are reviewing our learning throughout the year. We will also continue with 3D shape. Some of the children will be building 3D shapes with pipe cleaners. We are in full swing with play practise this week and we are really enjoying learning the songs. Thank you for your continued support.

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