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This week in Dexter Class

This week in Dexter class we will be continuing our work on positional language and will be problem solving by trying to explain the position of different objects.

In phonics, the children will be continuing with their work on the tricky digraphs and trigraphs, as well as practising reading and writing the high frequency words on their individual cards.

We will looking at the Elmer story that we have been learning and making innovations in order to create our own versions.

The children have already been very creative and have built themselves a monkey enclosure for which they have been encouraged to make signs and information leaflets. With four children in focus this week, we have already been given lots of fabulous information about life outside of school, and the children have demonstrated excellent listening skills as they have heard about other people's hobbies and adventures. It is fantastic to see them take such and interest in each other and ask such good questions.

We hope to welly walk on Wednesday afternoon this week.


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