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This Week in Friesian Class

This week, we will be continuing our 'Why the Whales Came' stories in English and hopefully getting these finished. In maths, we are looking at perimeter and area (Y4's) of 2D shapes. We have started practising one of the four operations as a maths starter in each of our maths lessons. One day we will focus on addition, the next on subtraction and so on. The children are really benefiting from the opportunity to practise their number operations everyday. The children are encouraged to continue this practise at home. In RE, we have started our new unit, beginning with a lesson based on our value for the term 'Forgiveness'. In Art, we will begin learning about a new set of skills. So far, we have looked at collage and drawing. This term, we will look at painting. In science, we will continue to study plants, learning about how water is transported up through the stem of the plant. We are extremely pleased to have Mr Oakey back and had a wonderful outdoor learning session last week, where the children continued to hammer, drill and saw their Bagatelle games. Thanks for all your support.

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