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This Week in Dexter Class

This week we will be introducing the sounds ur, ow and oi in Phonics and will be using these sounds and the others we have learned, to write stories which we will act out.

The classroom has already been transformed into a hospital, with its very own ambulance and ambulance parking bay! Each patient has their own notes to ensure that they receive the correct medicine. This has led to discussions about people who help us and how we can keep ourselves safe around medicines.

The cold weather has produced some interesting ice sculptures in the outside area, where broken chunks of ice from last week have refrozen and stuck together. As the temperature continues to drop through the week, we will be looking at changing states and will make predictions about where the best place is to keep ice frozen and where the best place is to make it melt. We are hoping to welly walk on Wednesday afternoon, but if the temperature is too low, we may have to forgo our weekly trip, to ensure everyone's safety.

Please note that due to the extreme weather that has been forecast, we will be postponing our Work Book Day activities. Children should attend school in their normal school uniform on Thursday.

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