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Welly Walking

Each Week we go on a welly walk and as part of this we explore the area known as the guardianship in order to identify changes that have taken place. We then decide whether these are due to human or animal influence or as a result of the changing seasons.

On our welly walk last week one of the children called out to tell us that they had found a peacock! Whilst we were pretty confident that it wasn't a peacock, we weren't sure if it was all part of an elaborate role play, or reality. Sure enough, hidden amongst the wild garlic was a male pheasant. The children kept their distance, but had a careful look. When we returned from our walk, we went on to find out more about pheasants. This got us talking about nests and a few days later, a parent brought in a nest that had fallen from a tree near their house. The children were fascinated.


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