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This week in Hereford Class

I can't believe it's the last week of term, the last 5 weeks have flown by.

Thank you to everyone who attended parents' evening last week. It was so lovely to be able to share your children's progress and thank you to you for your ongoing support.

This week we finish off our English writing journey of non-chronological reports. Last week, we planned our own, based on animals that we liked and we will be writing these reports in full, over the next few days, showing what we have learned.

In Maths we start a brand new maths topic of money. We will be looking at the value of the coins (Year 1) and notes (Year 2) and comparing them. We will also be adding money to create totals. This is something that would be really valuable to do at home, but I will make sure the children promise to put any coins back!

In The Amberley Immersion Curriculum this week, we move onto PSHE - Growing and Changing. The overview is attached. We will be dealing with some sensitive topics this week such as managing our feels and what privacy means, including looking at the PANTS rule. The link is here so that you can see what this refers to:

In RE, we will finish off our topic of Easter and what is means to Christians. We will be learning about what Easter has to say around sadness, hope and heaven.

Wishing everyone a fantastic Easter break. I hope you all have time to sit down, relax and spend time with your friends and families (as well as eating lots of chocolate!)

Spring 2 - Growing and changing Cycle B
Download PDF • 299KB


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