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This week in Hereford Class

This week in Hereford Class we are learning to tell the time, we started this at the end of last week but this will continue next week. Year 1 are learning to tell the time: o'clock and half past, whilst Year 2 begin with 15 minute intervals. When they are secure with this, they will move onto 5 minute intervals.

We continue to write our non-chronological report this week. We are writing about Amberley School, breaking down the report into different paragraphs.

In RE we continue to look at the Easter story and why Easter is important to Christians and how eggs remind us of new life.

In the Amberley Immersion Curriculum, we begin a music topic. We will be listening to the artist of the term: Miles Davis, and we will be mine mining moles, by discussing the differences between different genres of music. Please refer to the attached overview sheet to view the skills that will be taught, with ways to support at home.

Parents' evening is being held next week on both Wednesday and Thursday. Please sign up for your ten minute slot. Wednesday will run until 5pm and Thursday until 7pm. Clipboards with the slots available will be hanging on the railings at the beginning and end of school.

We have some sad news. Bertie will be leaving Amberley on Tuesday and we would like to take this opportunity to say goodbye to Bertie. We wish you lots of luck in your new school and hope that the move will go smoothly for him and his family - please keep in touch!

Reminder - school for Hereford Class is closed on Wednesday and Thursday due to strike action.


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