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This week in Hereford Class

This week in Hereford Class, we continue with our division journey. Year 2 children are looking at arrays and recognising the relationship between multiplication. Year 1 children are using 'peas on plates' to share numbers between 2 and 5. We will then move onto the inverse operation, when we are ready to do so.

In English writing we are re-telling the story of The Three Little Pigs in our own words, using punctuation and grammar taught. We have enjoyed writing character descriptions of the big, bad wolf, using similes.

We are really enjoying the new way that reading has been set up. We are using lots of drama, conscious alleys and hot seating to get to know characters in our reading as well as using expression to show how characters are feeling when they talk. The Year 2 children wrote some amazing poems based on a poem that they read all about colour.

In RE we continue to look at the Easter story and the feelings around the events. A huge well done to Lucy, Martha and Edward who have gone home and written their own prayers based on our spirituality and Bible stories. These have been used as class prayers before lunch and it is so lovely to see children choosing to do this, independently. Well done!

In the Immersion Curriculum we continue with our science topic of materials. We have discussed in detail their properties and used a concept cartoon to help discuss misconceptions. We will be celebrating our topic by creating models, using lots of different materials. We must follow clues to create our own figures, which will tell us about their properties. Watch this space!


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