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This week in Hereford Class

WOW! What an incredible day welcoming all of the children back into school. Each and every one of them bounced in with smiles on their faces and all said how excited they were to return and see their friends.

Whilst remote learning worked as smoothly as it could, there is nothing better than having 30 faces smiling back at you, loving their learning, laughing and contributing to the buzz in the classroom! They have continued to make me proud, well done Hereford Class! You are amazing!

This week we will be transitioning back into school life through lots of art work, based on books to celebrate 'World Book Day' as well as playing phonic, spelling and maths games (and of course the dance off in the hall which I have been pestered about since Remote Learning Week 1!)

PE and Outdoor Learning will continue as normal this week. Please ensure that children come into school in their PE kits on Thursday and Friday with additional layers and wellies for Friday afternoon with Mr Oakey.

I hope all parents enjoy the first week without having to worry about timetables, Teams and supporting their children, all whilst trying to juggle everything else. Thank you for your ongoing support during the strange times, we couldn't have got through it without you!


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