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This week in Hereford...

This week in Hereford class we begin reinventing Avocado baby. We have planned our stories and these have been checked and we are ready to rock and roll. We are so excited to have the opportunity to write freely and independently, with plenty of time to develop our ideas. In maths we are going to finish off our unit on money and then we are going to move onto 2D and 3D shape. We will be naming the shapes and describing their properties.

In the immersion curriculum, we have a few jobs to finish. We will finish our description of the Great Fire of London. The children were imagining that they were cats and that they witnessed the fire. From being in the bakery, to climbing across hot tin rooves the cats saw all of the events unfold. The description that the children have already used has been fantastic and I look forward to reading the remainder of their writing.

We will also be applying our art skills to a display. We will be using tints and tones and thin paintbrushes to paint in smaller areas using adjectives to describe God.

In RE, we continue to learn about Judaism. We will look at the festival of Shabbat this week and gain an understanding of how Jews celebrate this.

We have noticed when checking reading records that lots of children aren't completing daily reading. Whilst we know this is a big ask due to busy family life, it will really benefit the children and their phonic recognition. The children are given books which directly match the teaching that they are receiving and more exposure to these will help them with their fluency and help to prepare them for the phonics screening in June (Year 1). If you have any questions around this, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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