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This Week in Friesian Class

It is so hard to believe that we have already reached the last week of term! Thank you to all of those who managed to make it in to meet with us for parents' evening. If you were unable to make it last week, please get in touch so that we can arrange an alternative time.

This week, we will be continuing our work as scientists and will be completing a series of investigations and experiments with solid, liquids and gases, as we learn about how matter can change state (this may well involve some melted chocolate and some ice cream!)

In maths, the year 3 children will be continuing their work on fractions, and year 4 will continue their work on decimals.

In English we will be writing the next section of our journey story, involving Lila's quest to become a firework maker. The children have really engaged with this story and have produced some fabulous narratives. We are looking forward to their final versions!

In computing, we will be using the Scratch site to create block codes, where we will eventually sequence sounds. Many of the children have been really keen on this topic, and if they wish to continue to develop their programming skills at home, I would like to recommend the Hour of Code site, though, as always, would recommend parental supervision.

If we don't manage to see you in person this week, please have a Happy Easter and a restful break. We look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.

year 4 Sp2 Week 5
Download PDF • 236KB

Year 3 Sp2 week 5 more homophones
Download PDF • 233KB

1b States of matter AIC overview
Download PDF • 235KB

This QR code will take you to Mathsframe, an online times tables game which mimics the Year 4 Multiplication Test.

Children are able to select the tables they wish to work on, and the time allowed for each questions. Please be advised that the actual test allows 6 seconds and will test all the times tables, so it is important to use these criteria as soon as your child feel comfortable.


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