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This week in Friesian Class...

This week in Friesian Class we are completing our English story writing unit by writing our reinvented versions of Cinderella. The children have had so much fun using their imaginations to reinvent and I can't wait to read their work! In maths, we are moving on to adding and subtracting using formal written method, this will include lots of problem solving.

In RE, we will be finishing off our Hinduism unit by digging our knowledge deeper and considering the Hindu belief of the create, preserve and destroy theory. We will be discussing our own thoughts and beliefs on this and if we notice any links or similarities with other religions that we have studied.

In Immersion Curriculum, we are design technologists and we have been tasked by Miss Cale to create a chocolate dessert for the staff Christmas meal. In class, we will be designing, making and evaluating this dessert and we will be celebrating our learning with a visit to Cadbury World. Please refer to our DT topic map on our class page for all of the milestones that will be covered during this unit, as well as ways that you can support learning from home.

Thank you to parents for returning the letters so promptly. Myself, Mrs Stevens, Miss Mather and the children are very excited! On the trip, we will have a tour of the factory and engage in a specialised DT talk. We will be arriving back to school later than the usual finish time so please refer back to the letter to remind yourself of this.

Please ensure your child is wearing school uniform and has a suitable packed lunch.

As always, if you have any questions, please email me.

Miss Rudge


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