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This week in Friesian Class...

This week in Friesian Class we are using our investigative skills in RE to explore how other religions contribute to making the world a better place through their practices and beliefs. We will be making links between the religious teachings and their actions. In English, we are starting a new journey where we will be finding the features, boxing up and comprehending an explanation text. We will be 'knowing more and remembering more' of our knowledge from Immersion Curriculum as our explanation texts are based on knowledge we have already learnt in Science! In maths, we are continuing with our work on time. Y4s are using their knowledge of converting time between analogue and digital time and stretching their learning to consider the 24-hour clock. Please encourage your children to look at/tell the time at home!

In Immersion Curriculum, we are Historians. Historians ask questions and find things out and this week we will be doing exactly that! To start our topic, we will be finding out about the local mills by working in groups to investigate. We will be using evidence and sources to find out information and answer historical questions. We will also be considering the importance of the local mills. If you have chance, please visit one of these historic places, maybe the mill that coincides with your child's house (Egypt, Ruskin, Longford or Dunkirk)! On Wednesday, we will be having some special visitors in from the local community to share their first-hard experience with the local town through the years. The children will be taking the opportunity to ask questions. We will then be given a guided tour around the village with a map to identify where local shops would have been and marking these. We will be discussing the importance of having these shops in the local area and how this has changed over time. The topic map for this unit is on our Friesian Class page.

We will also be working hard to learn the songs for the KS2 performance and assist with rehearsals - lots to look forward to!

As always, if you have any questions, please email me!

Miss Rudge


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