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This week in Friesian Class...

This week in Friesian Class we will be starting our RE topic by reintroducing the religion of Islam. We will be working towards answering the question: 'How do festivals and worship show what matters to a Muslim?'. In our first lesson, we will be recapping everything that we know about the religion of Islam from KS1, as well as identifying some of the Muslim beliefs about God.

Ready for Friday, I wanted the children to find out what their name means. We are going to be linking this to our work in our RE lesson. For example, when I look up the meaning of the name Molly, I have results of: 'star of the sea', 'wished for child' and in contrast 'bitterness' (yikes!). The results were simply found using a Google search.

In English, we will be continuing our auto-biography journey by comprehending, writing the introductions and following with the paragraphs. Last week, I sent the children home with a homework for them to complete by the start of next week. I have asked them to collect information so that they are able to independently write an autobiography about themselves at the end of this unit.

In maths, Y4's will be continuing to work with fractions. We will calculating fractions of amounts, as well as adding and subtracting fractions.

In Immersion Curriculum, we are artists and our topic is drawing. We are very fortunate to have the expertise from Aubrey's mummy (Ms Hetherington) who is coming in to support us with our pencil skills, including how to create different tone and texture. We will then be taking these skills further to work in the style of two different artists.

Mrs Stevens was out of the classroom today (Monday) so books were not able to be changed by myself, therefore we will change them tomorrow (Tuesday). In the meantime, please read a book of choice from home and record this in the reading record. If the new books do not need changing again on Thursday then we will just change them again on the following Monday (14th).

As always, if you have any questions, please email me.

Have a great week!

Miss Rudge


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