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This week in Friesian class

This week in Friesian class, we will will be immersing ourselves in music and focusing in particular on composing our own short pieces based on music we have appraised. The children have already heard call and response music from around the world and have worked in groups to compose their own on the recorder. They have recorded their work using both non-standard and formal musical notation. We look forward to sharing some of their work with you, via the blog, as part of our celebration.

In maths, we will be using our knowledge and understanding of coordinates and linking in our geography work on maps in order to help poor Elvin the elf, who accidentally dropped several presents over Europe, whilst taking Santa's sleigh out for a test drive! We will also be using maps and atlases to work out the best routes for Santa, to ensure that he reaches cities in the right order!

Eco club is the only club to run this week. Christmas lunch will be served on Wednesday and we finish for the Christmas holiday on Thursday, at 1.30pm.


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