This week in Dexter class

The children have already been in school for one week and have all settled extremely well. We are supporting them as they build relationships and they are quickly making friends and learning about the life and routines in Dexter class. Our focus is 'Super me, super you!' and children have produced some very creative portraits of themselves and their families. We have looked at our value of perseverance and linked it to one of our learning powers- 'never give up'. It has been wonderful to listen to the children naturally using this vocabulary during their play and we have seen some fantastic examples where they have kept on trying without any prompting from us!

This week we are talking about the 'oneness of one' as we continue our adventures into the world of mathematics and our class focus book is 'How to Catch a Star', a beautifully illustrated tale about a boy who keeps on persevering using some extremely imaginative ways. We are talking about how a storybook is structured, including titles, illustrations and blurb and later this week we will be making our first story map and retelling our own stories to encourage some rich creative language and continue to encourage a love of reading.

I understand that children may appear extremely tired and perhaps emotional, but please be reassured that they all seem to be very happy in school and I am very proud of them.



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