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This Week in Dexter Class

This week in Dexter class, we will be learning the sounds j, v, w and x, and developing our ability to sight read the words me, he, she, we. We will, as ever, be using our phonetic knowledge throughout our play by adding signs, lists, instructions and captions. There has been continued interest in space as a result of our work on 'Whatever Next!' and 'Goodnight Moon' and so we will be investigating space travel and learning about the moon. What a great week to be doing so, with the launch of the Space X rocket!

In maths, we will be looking further at the make up of the number 5 and practising our ability to separate numbers into their composite parts. We will also be looking at the concepts of one more and one less and using our understanding to write simple number sentences using mathematical signs.

In RE, we are learning about the Christmas story and have already acted out the key elements and discussed the importance of the key figures.

On our welly walk, we will be focused on noticing fine details and discussing texture as we create a class book of 'That's not my rocket', in the style of the popular board books.

In English, we will be reading 'Goodnight Moon', by Margaret Wise Brown and will be using concepts from the book to develop rhyming, ordering and writing skills.

It was so lovely to talk to you all during parents evening and we are, as ever, grateful for your continued support.

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